Uber Philippines Will Be Accepting Cash Payments for Rides

Ride-sharing is starting to become a common service in the Philippines.  What used to be an app-based system of taking rides is slowly getting accepted as a useful and worthy alternative to public transportation.

The popularity of Uber and GrabCar proves that ride-sharing is a success, which means that this platform will only become more popular in time.  The two services, Uber and GrabCar, that is, have been competing for market share, with one offering an advantage over the other.  However, one clear advantage of GrabCar is that customers can pay in cash.  Uber, on the other hand, was known to accept only credit card payments for rides.  In a country like the Philippines where credit card usage is at the low rate, it only makes sense that GrabCar is oftentimes viewed as the more practical choice, which is actually ironic since credit card is known for being more convenient than cash in the first place.


Things are about to change for Uber in the Philippines.  Instead of forcing it on riders to pay for rides using credit card, cash will soon be an alternative payment option.  This is a welcome development since many Pinoys have been waiting for a cash-based Uber payment feature.  The new cash payment option is clearly shown in this video from Uber Philippines entitled Uber Manila Cash Training.

As the video shows, the cash-based payment system for Uber will start as a test, so not all riders will be able to use it at first.  The idea, however, is for all users of Uber will be able to pay with cash when the system is eventually applied as a standard feature.

What do you think about cash-based payment for Uber rides?