YouTube Red Removes Ads for $9.99 a Month

Google has introduced many features on YouTube since it acquired the video sharing site but the recently announced feature is something unique for the company.  By October 28, at least for users in the U.S., there will be a new offering called YouTube Red.  It is a new YouTube service that allows users to watch videos without ads.  Yes, it’s an ads-free video streaming service from a company that has always made services open and relied on ads to generate income.  That’s why in some respect, YouTube Red is unique.


If you subscribe to YouTube Red, you will no longer see ads on YouTube.  No more banners below the videos, no more ads that need to play before you can see the actual video.  However, YouTube Red costs $9.99 a month.  That’s the subscription fee.  That’s the price you need to pay if you are one of those YouTubers that simply want to do away with ads completely.

Personally, I don’t mind the ads.  They are there for a reason and I can live with them.  But there are people who can afford $9.99 a month for a cleaner, distraction-free YouTube.  For these types of people, YouTube Red is perfect.

It’s not yet known whether YouTube Red will become available in the Philippines.  I believe it will be and the pricing would just be around the equivalent of $9.99, say Php450.00 a month.

What do you thing of YouTube Red?  Are you willing to subscribe when it becomes available in the Philippines?

Source: Official YouTube Blog