Tumblr Adds Instant Messaging Feature

Tumblr users know that the platform lacked an instant messaging feature but no one seemed to care.  Tumblr was a micro blogging site anyway and most people were there to post whatever they wanted.  But like any good platform nowadays, instant messaging simply adds value to users and it also adds users, period.  After all, an interactive site increases user activity and in the long run, it brings positive effect to the platform.


Tumbler knows the important of a messaging feature so it recently added instant messaging to the site.  Now users have a way of chatting with themselves but Tumblr’s initial effort is limited so don’t expect too much.  In time it will probably improve and what’s important is that the feature is there.  For now, messaging on Tumblr cannot send emojis nor can users attach files.

The instant messaging feature on Tumblr will be available to all users in December.  Currently, however, there it already available but only to 1,500 accounts.  It can be activated if you receive a PM from accounts that already have this feature.

Source: Tumblr


  • Erica

    This is a smart move by Tumblr. The blog site has become a social platform for a large audience of people.