Senate Bill 2238 Requires Faster Internet in the Philippines

Senator Ralph Recto has filed some of the most important bills in the Philippine Senate, although the one regarding EVAT has made him unpopular for a time. The senator recently filed a bill that if passed would make millions of Filipinos happy.

Senate Bill 2238 proposed by Senator Recto would require Philippine telecommunications companies to provide faster internet connection. Most people would agree that at this day and age, internet connection is practically a basic necessity. The advent of feature-packed smartphones and tablets has made internet an important aspect of daily life. And in a country like the Philippines where internet is slow, or fast internet is expensive, it is a welcome development if some politicians start calling out telcos to provide a better and faster internet connection.


In Senate Bill 2238, the proposal is for the government impose a minimum Internet connection speed of 10 Mbps on local telecommunications firms and Internet service providers or ISPs. Non-compliance would result in a penalty amounting to P2 million.

Let’s hope Senate Bill 2238 is signed into law.

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