Mozilla Firefox to Kill Browser Plugins by 2016

Mozilla is removing plugin support for its Firefox browser by 2016.  Citing the not-so-great effect of plugins on overall user experience, Mozilla says it will disallow plugins as a move to improve Firefox.   According to Mozilla, plugins are a source of performance problems, crashes, and security incidents for web users.  This is a very welcome move by Mozilla as there are plugins that indeed worsen instead of improve the web experience.


Mozilla further claims that the decision to remove support for plugins mirrors actions by other modern browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, which have already removed support for legacy plugins.

However, one plugin will survive the Firefox cleanup – Adobe Flash.  Mozilla says that Adobe Flash will still get support since it is still a common part of the web experience for most users. Mozilla and Adobe will continue to collaborate on Flash so Firefox users should still expect to see Flash for quite some time.

Source: Mozilla Blog