OneDrive is the New Name for Microsoft’s SkyDrive

Business people know that branding is important.  A good brand makes an impression and it defines the product it is attached to.  For cloud storage, Microsoft’s SkyDrive is quite catchy and it associates the name to cloud storage.  After all, “sky” and “cloud” are closely related.  Unfortunately for Microsoft, it lost a trademark battle with British Sky Broadcasting Group so it can no longer use the word “sky”.  The solution of course is to rename the product, which is what Microsoft is doing right now.

Microsoft One Drive
Expect the name OneDrive to replace SkyDrive anytime soon.

The new name for SkyDrive is OneDrive.  It’s not as telling as the first name but it could still work, although unlike SkyDrive, OneDrive does not have as much distinctiveness and recall power.  According to Microsoft, OneDrive was chosen because the cloud storage is the one place where users store their data. This is not universally true of course as users have their desktops, hard drives and USB flash drives.

Aside from the new name, the cloud storage service will still generally be the same and free storage still starts at 7GB.

Watch this video introduction of Microsoft’s OneDrive:



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