Heartbleed Bug is an Internet Security Flaw That Exposes Private Data

In today’s day and age, a lot of your private data is in the internet.  In whatever form and in certain degrees, your data is out there and is at risk of being accessed by other entities.  It doesn’t help that security flaws like the Heartbleed Bug increase the risk of exposing your private data to whomever are interested in them.


The Heartbleed Bug is a huge internet security hole, one that has a very wide scope and effect.  The Heartbleed Bug is a flaw that affects some older versions of common internet encryption software, lets attackers grab both a site’s secure content and the encryption keys that protect that content. This is theft of data in its most basic sense.   Any site is therefore vulnerable to this as an attacker has a way of obtaining private data.  With the Heartbleed Bug, that attacker can impersonate a site and steal important data.

For information about the Hearbleed Bug and how it can be patched, just click on the source link below.

Source: Heartbleed Bug


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