Trailer for New Angry Birds Game Suggests Medieval Setting

Angry Birds is a game that wants to stay relevant.  Forever.

Flappy Bird and Candy Crush may be the most popular games right now but Angry Birds has not left the public’s consciousness at all.  The strategy for Rovio, maker of the Angry Birds game, is to launch new story lines and throw in some new features and some gameplay changes.


After bringing the birds to space, Rovio is apparently bringing them to medieval times.  This is quite clear in the trailer for the new Angry Birds game, the title of which is still unknown at this point.

Here is the trailer for the new Angry Birds game.  You won’t miss the giant armored knight.

The new Angry Birds game will first be launched in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.  The rest of the world, including the Philippines, will get the game shortly thereafter.