Rovio Releases 8-bit Game Called Retry

Rovio recently released an 8-bit game called Retry that capitalizes on the popularity of Flappy Bird.  Although it has a different gameplay compared to Flappy Bird, one couldn’t escape the fact that the game is inspired by Flappy Bird.

The game Retry is released by Rovio’s publishing arm LVL 11 and will first be available on iOS. The game is currently available in Canada, Finland, and Poland but is soon expected to be also available in other countries.  If you’re using iOS, just wait for announcements as its availability in the Philippines may be sooner than we expect.


Retry brings us to the 80s with its graphics and soundtrack but in terms of gameplay it should prove to be entertaining.  Rovio claims that the game is so hard and so addictive.  If you enjoyed Flappy Bird for its difficulty, then Retry should also be right up your alley.

Here is the Retry launch trailer.