Pugo! is a Flappy Bird Clone Created by Pinoys

If you’re a Flappy Bird addict, you should try the game Pugo!, the Pinoy-made game that resembles, or is inspired by, the popular bird game.  Pugo! is a creation of Patrick Cabral and Camy Cabral who are actually designers and artists.  The official website for Pugo! has this description of the creators:

Patrick and Camy Cabral are Manila-based husband and wife designers and artists. Each has over a decade of experience in Advertising, Web and Graphic Design, Illustration and Art Direction. PUGO! is their first game app.

What sets Pugo! apart from Flappy Bird is the availability of extra lives which are collected by hitting Philippine flags while navigating a forest.  This, of course, is apart from the different appearance of the bird.  Pugo! is starred in by a pink quail which, of course, is “pugo” in Filipino.


The Pugo! game is obviously inspired by Flappy Bird

Pugo! is currently only available for iOS devices.  It ahs actually topped the charts in just a few days.  If you are an iPhone or iPad owner, you can download Pugo! from the App Store.   Availability for Android devices should be expected in the future.

Pugo! Game’s Website