Angry Birds Epic is a Turn-Based Role Playing Game

Rovio has been teasing the new Angry Birds game.  The teaser video showed a bird in a knight’s armor so everyone thinks the new game will be set in medieval times.  This may be true as Kotaku has reported that the game will be called Angry Birds Epic.


The new Angry Birds game promises to be epic.

Unlike previous versions of the game, however, Angry Birds Epic will be a turn-based role playing game or RPG.  That means that the game no longer confines itself to flinging birds but will actually have combat where weapons are used and upgraded.   There will be armors, potions and other weapons which can be purchased by accumulated in-game cash or via real currency.


For a game that started with flinging birds, Angry Birds Epic is a big upgrade for Rovio.

It will soft launch in Australia and Canada this week.  It will then launch globally later in the year and will be available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.