Top Online Gadget Stores or Shops in the Philippines

This is the age of mobile devices.  In recent years, smartphones and tablets have flooded the market because of high demand.  The platform that was pioneered by Apple when it introduced iOS has exploded with the rise in popularity of Google’s Android operating system.  Microsoft, on its part, has Windows Phone OS and has been aggressively pushing its own mobile platform with Windows phone and tablets.

One of the natural results of the rise in popularity of mobile computing is the explosion in popularity of the internet. A lot of things are possible through the internet and one of the activities that is now easily carried out is buying things online.

More things are being sold online as people are starting to trust online stores or shops more.   Amazon, eBay and Craigslist helped make online transactions common in the US.  In the Philippines, OLX (previously Sulit.Com), and other online exchange sites have also helped educate the Filipinos about the merits of online transactions.

Among the things that probably take slower to mature in terms of online activity is the sale gadgets, primarily because buyers are parting with huge amounts of money with these kinds of transactions.  In the Philippines, online sale of gadgets are increasing, but a chunk of these sales are still done through meetups.  Regardless, the presence of online gadget stores or shops is clearly making online shopping convenient for Filipinos.  Furthermore, prices of gadgets on online shops are relatively cheaper than those sold on physical shops.   If you are new to online gadget shopping, it is important that you know your options and even more important that you know which ones can be trusted.


I have compiled a short list of the top online gadget shops in the Philippines.  These are the top online stores in terms of age and number of devices on sale.  As to reputation, they are among the most trusted, although some of you with bad experiences with these stores may disagree.  But like any store, physical or online, there are bound to be problems once in a while.  If you have experienced buying stuff from these online stores, share your experience by writing a quick review in the comments section below.


1.  Kim Store


Kim Store is probably the most popular among the online gadget stores.  A lot of customers have given Kim Store good feedback and among the best comments relate to the store’s cheap price and good service.  Kim Store has recently opened an independent website after spending most of its online existence on Multiply.

Contact details:

  • Website:
  • Landline: 02-9042966
  • Mobile phones:  0917-5042999, 0905-3201818, 0922-8859799, 0908-8869799

2.  Widget City


Widget City is one of the newer online gadget stores in the Philippines but it is gathering good reputation.  It offer a wide array of gadgets but mostly it offers smartphones, tablets, cameras and laptops.  Check its website for more available devices.

Widget City’s pricing is competitive and it is quite aggressive on marketing so you have probably heard of this store.   Its website leaves much to be desired but if you want to do a quick transaction, you would be better off calling them directly or sending them messages.

Contact details:

  • Website:
  • Landline:  2560088
  • Mobile phones: 0917-5096041, 0917-5096058, 0917-5096051, 0917-5096035

3.  DB Gadgets


DB Gadgets is similar to Widget City although DB Gadgets is probably older than Widget City.  It has almost the same devices on its stock and offers almost the same pricing.

Contact details:

  • Website:
  • Landline:  (02)994-8875
  • Mobile phones: 0915-5917925, 0922-8432843, 0917-3708247

4.  Lazada


Lazada is one of the biggest online shops in terms of capitalization and available devices.  It is backed by international investors and has a wide array of gadgets for sale.  Apart from phones, tablets, laptops and cameras, it also offers appliances, toys, books and lifestyle items.

Contact details:

5.  CMK Cellphones


CMK Cellphones, by the name alone, has focus on mobile phones.  It offers cheap smartphones so if low pricing is your key criterion in choosing an online shop, go no further than CMK Cellphones.   It has a physical store in Quezon City so if you don’t want to transact online, you can visit its shop.  Don’t be fooled by the name, though, as CMK also now offers laptops and other devices.

Contact details:

  • Website:
  • Landlines: (02)572-5858, (02)736-6856, (02)232-2320
  • Mobile phone: 0922-3313328

6.  Gadget Grocery


Gadget Grocery offers phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, cameras and accessories.  It is probably the least known of the online shops in this list but it has actually been in existence for quite some time now.  The thing you might not like about Gadget Grocery is that it has quite expensive pricing for an online shop.

Contact details:

  • Website:
  • Landlines: (02)975-2229, (02)439-1564
  • Mobile phones:  0917-8043191, 0922-5420665

Do you think there are other stores that should be included in this list? Share your thoughts below.


  • kris

    i like kimstore

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  • boompanes

    Widget city after sales really sucks big time…

  • aye

    sobrang susungit ng mga taga widget city.

    • Ryan

      I disagree! hindi naman sila masusungit, batos lang talaga sila. hanap nalang kayo ibang online seller, marami namang iba dyan.

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  • Rebecca

    I want to share my experience of buying online products.

    I bought beats and jansport from JOANA’S GADGET SHOP | joana marie. She said that all her items are original. When I bought it, I found out that it was fake. I texted and ask her again however she gives me an unprofessional response. I trusted her when she said that it is original. I am not trying to give you some bad reputation but my point is, just be honest with your buyers. She was very accommodating at first but after our transaction she was very rude. I hope all people know how to differentiate the fake and original so you won’t regret at the end.

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    Don’t buy from DBGadgets. Horror story!

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      Same experience here!

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