Top 5 Phone Brands in the Philippines According to IDC

top-5-phone-brands-philippinesInternational Data Corporation or IDC, a provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, has identified the top 5 phone brands in the Philippines in terms of sales. For the first two quarters of 2017, the top 5 phone brands that have emerged are a combination of local and foreign brands. The trend that is worth noting is the emergence of Chinese phone brands as strong market performers, where in previous years, Chinese brands still had no presence in the Philippines.

In the top 5 phone brands identified for the Philippine market, only two are local brands, with the rest of the formerly strong locally-owned brands failing to keep up with the new brands in the smartphone market. IDC has identified the reasons for the emergence of the new Chinese brands, and foremost in these reasons are the strong and aggressive marketing strategies. These brands are deemed to have disrupted the smartphone retail space through cash-rich marketing and aggressive sales promoter incentives. You see these brands all over social media, being brandished by local endorsers and celebrities. What adds to the strength of these brands is the heightened levels of retailer support. They key strategy, it seems, is to pump up the mindshare and if the sales from the top phone brands is anything to go by, it is indeed effective.

If you were to guess the top 5 phone brands in the Philippines in 2017, you would probably fail to guess all, and one local brand is even a surprise entry. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 5 phone brands in the Philippines.

1. Cherry Mobile


The top phone brand in the Philippines is a local brand. Cherry Mobile has been around for years. It’s not surprising that Cherry Mobile is in the top 5 brands. What’s surprising is it is the number one brand according to the IDC survey. Cherry Mobile, from inception, has already used competed for mindshare, employing top celebrities to endorse its products. Cherry Mobile does not manufacture its own phones and early models were proof that the company has its phones manufactured in China and just slaps its name on these phones. The fact that Cherry Mobile is on top is proof that marketing is key. It has beefed up its ad placements and this is probably why it’s still able to succeed in the Philippines. Of course, cheaper price also helps.

2. Samsung


It’s surprising that Samsung just came in second in the list of top phone brands in the Philippines. My guess for the top phone was Samsung as it has a wide range of phone products and its lineup is quite impressive. The only possible reason it did not get the top place is the difference in price. Cherry Mobile phones are cheaper compared to Samsung phones and in a budget-conscious country like the Philippines, the practical choice is always to go for the cheaper option.

3. Oppo


Oppo is the first Chinese brand on this list, sitting at third. A couple of years ago, if you thing top 5 phone brands in the Philippines, Oppo will be off the list. Now, it’s a top brand in the Philippines and marketing has a lot to do with it. Advertisments for Oppo is all over. You see the brand on TV, you hear it on the radio, and it’s all over social media. It has successfully secured mindshare with an extensive promotion using endorsers and social media influencers. It helps that Oppo has a cash-rich marketing strategy. One other key reason IDC identified in helping the rise of Oppo in the Philippines is its partnership with Home Credit, allowing it to offer its smartphones at 0% interest instalment without the credit card requirement. Apart from price, accessibility is importance in the Philippines.

4. Cloudfone


Another surprising entry in the list is Cloudfone. This one is a local brand that has successfully penetrated the phone market through aggressive but strategic marketing. Like Cherry Mobile, its key selling point is affordability. However, affordability can only get you so far, so the other key reason it Cloudfone is in the list of top phone brands in the Philippines is marketing. Cloudfone’s strategy is to penetrate the sports-focused brands and events like entering into partnership with NBA and PBA.

5. Vivo


The fifth in the list of top 5 phone brands in the Philippines is Vivo. This is another Chinese brand that has saturated the social media through celebrity endorsements. Its association with Stephen Curry has helped boost its brand recall. Very recently, Vivo announced a new crop of local celebrity endorsers, a sign that the brand will stay and is certainly aiming to climb up this list. IDC has identified that Vivo has grown fast in the Philippines, growing 66% quarter-over-quarter in terms of sales.

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