Mobile Phone OS Shares, Popular Apps and Other Statistics (Inforgraphic)

Looks like someone who has so much free time on his hands created an infographic showing the statistics for mobile phone OSes and app usage.   The infographic is interesting in that it compares the most popular mobile operating systems, namely, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS.  Although Apple’s iOS is the clear leader in terms of available apps in the app store, interestingly, it is Android which has the most number of downloads.

Mobile Phones Infographic

Revenue is another area that shows interesting trends.  Although Android has the most downloads, it is iOS that lead in revenue and the gap is not even slim.  Also, the apps revenue for Windows Phone OS is almost similar to the revenue on Android.  This says a lot about how Google monetizes Android compared to Apple and Microsoft.

Here is the infographic and tell me what you think about the statistics presented.



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