What’s the Price of iPhone X in the Philippines?

Apple’s iPhone X

We now know about the iPhone X.  We know it’s a superb device and that in the phone world, it will once again be judged as one of the best phones, if not the best, Android phones included.  The iPhone X, with its new glass back design, edge-to-edge display, Face ID, improved dual-camera and wireless charging, is the greatest phone Apple has made so far.  From the time the iPhone X was announced and was presented at the Apple event, one important question lingered in my mind, and that is, what will be the price of the iPhone X when it lands in the Philippines?

iPhone X Announced Retail Price

The iPhone X has an announced retail price of $999 for the base model.  This is for the US market.  But Filipinos all know that figuring out the price of iPhones is not as easy as knowing the dollar-to-peso exchange rate.  We know that iPhones are much, much expensive when they hit the Philippines.  We are always intrigued about the price of new iPhones for the Philippine market and this time, since interest for the iPhone X will definitely be at an all-time high, Filipinos will be so eager to know the official price of the iPhone X when it lands in the Philippines.

For now, no official pricing has been released by Apple for the iPhone X for international markets.  In the Philippines, official pricing normally comes when the phone is about to be launched in the country and by experience, the price is revealed about two weeks to a month before the phones actually hit the market or become available through local telcos like Smart or Globe.

Projecting the iPhone X Price in the Philippines

What we can do at this point is make an educated guess as to how much the iPhone X will be priced in the Philippines.  We know the announced price for the US and if are to look at the pricing of the current iPhones in the Philippines compared to how much they are priced in the US, we will get an idea of how much the iPhone X will be priced eventually.

In order to arrive at a good guess, I looked at how the iPhone 7 Plus, the phone I am currently using, is priced in the US and the Philippines.  Apple’s website lists the iPhone 7 Plus at $769 for the 128GB configuration.  Apple’s Philippine website, on the other hand, lists the phone at P49,490.

iPhone 7 Plus’ Price in the US
iPhone 7 Plus’ Price in the Philippines

With these figures, you immediately know that how disparate the prices are.  If you covert $769 to Philippine peso using a conservative exchange rate of $1-P50, you would arrive at P38,450.  But then you see that the price of the iPhone 7 Plus is P49,490, not P38,450.  There is a difference of P11,040.  Now when you think about the price of the iPhone X which is $999, you know that the actual price in the Philippines will be massively expensive.

Using the price of the iPhone 7 Plus as a benchmark, and based on the P49,490 Philippine price versus the P38,450 declared US price, we can more or less see that the price of an iPhone is about 23% more expensive in the Philippines.  Don’t’ react so harshly and don’t blame Apple for the difference in prices.  What accounts for the difference, of course, is a combination of currency valuations, import fees, and local sales taxes.

iPhone X with iOS 11

The Price of iPhone X in the Philippines

Now, if we are to apply the 23% price difference for the iPhone 7 Plus model, we will have an idea of how much the iPhone X will be priced in the Philippines.  Using the declared price of $999 and converting it to peso using the same exchange rate, the result is P49,950.  Applying the 23% markup in price, the expected price of the iPhone X is P61,439.  We can probably round this up to 61,490 since Apple’s pricing scheme normally ends in 90.

So there.  If you’re wondering what the price of the iPhone X will be in the Philippines, it is going to be around P61,490 for the 64GB model.  The iPhone X 256GB has a retail price of $1,149.  Using the same process, we will arrive at a Philippine price of P70,690.

Now the next question is, will the iPhone X be worth it knowing that it will come at a very hefty price tag in the Philippines?  The answer to this is subjective and should be a perfect topic for another blog post.



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