WATCH: The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer

The Walking Dead is one of those shows that you just keep on watching even if you already know that everything will just be about zombies killing people.  After watching a few seasons, one would expect to grow tired of The Walking Dead but surprisingly, the show in fact continue to get better.  The show runners at TV network AMC have kept the Walking Dead interesting by focusing on the story’s characters and their struggles.  It also helps that the comic book upon which the show is based is popular itself.


The sixth season of The Walking Dead is set to premiere on October 11, 2015 so fans don’t have to wait that long.  The season will consist of 16 episodes, split into two eight-episode parts with the second part premiering in February 2016.

The Season 6 episodes of the Walking Dead will be airing soon but before that, you might want to watch this trailer first.