Uneasy Lies the Mind is a Film Shot Entirely on an iPhone

Smartphones are getting more powerful with every iteration and the iPhone is one of the more dependable phones when it comes to camera power and features offered by a mobile device.  While the iPhone is not a DSLR or a true video camera that can shoot films, it was used to shoot a full feature film entitled Uneasy Lies the Mind.  The movie is an indie psychological thriller and is actually being promoted as “The first narrative feature film to be shot entirely on the iPhone.”


The iPhone actually helps deliver the story as it is shown in by presenting the memories of a character who has suffered head injury.  The movie therefore did not need an extremely sharp camera.  The filmmakers did not rely on the iPhone lens completely as they used Nikon Cinema Prime lenses through an adapter.

Uneasy Lies the Mind was written by Jonas Fisch, J’aime Spezzano, and Dillon Tucker and was directed by Ricky Fosheim.


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