Callalily Releases New Album “Greetings From Callalily”

Kean Cipriano’s band Callalily just released a 10-track album entitled “Greetings From Callalily”.  It has been a while since the band released its previous album “Flower Power”.  The new album from the band is a reminder that Kean is first and foremost a rockstar and that his first love is music.  Kean has been very active in television lately that we tend to forget his roots.

greetings -from-callalily-album-cover

“Greetings From Callalily” as an album is a mixed affair.  It showcases different-sounding tunes, which makes it’s hard to find a theme that ties everything together.  The song “Now I’m Dancing”, for instance, is a great upbeat tune but it simply feels out of place on this album.

There are tracks that easily stand out like the trippy “I’m Coming Home”, the feel-good song “Nasaan Ka” and the emotionally-heavy “SMB”.   For the die-hard fans of the band, there are still tracks that deliver the classic Callalily sound like “San Ako Magsisimula” and “Iintindihin Ko”.

The album Greetings From Callalily is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Spinnr and Deezer.