Game of Thrones Season Six Teaser Shows a Bloody Jon Snow

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you’ll be interested in the new teaser for the show’s sixth season.  One of the main characters of Game of Thrones is Jon Snow, played by Kit Harrington and in the season five finale, he was seen being stabbed by several members of the Night’s Watch.  The scene was a shocking one, but if you follow Game of Thrones, whether the book or the TV series, you’ll know how author George R.R. Martin makes it a habit of killing off key characters in the story.

In any case, fans of the series want Jon Snow to be alive for season six and reports say that Kit Harrington has been seen in locations where the season six scenes are being shot.  The recent HBO teaser shows a face of Jon Snow with blood trickling down his face.

This is not a confirmation that Jon Snow’s character is alive, but for HBO to use him in a teaser could mean that he will be a main part of the season.

What do you think guys?  Will Jon Snow be back for season six of Game of Thrones?