Vessyl Smart Cup Tracks Everything You Drink

Things get smarter everyday.  We have every conceivable object upgraded and made smarter by technology and we all love calling them smart something.  Like smartphones or smartbands.  Now we have smartcups, thanks to a product called Vessyl that’s actually, undeniably smart.

Vessyl Smart Cup

Vessyl Smart Cup

People from Mark One, the company behind Vessyl, worked on the idea of a cup that tracks all liquid you consume with the end view of helping you manage your intake and thereby helping you drink healthier.

Just how smart a cup is the Vessyl, you might ask? The Vessyl is so smart it automatically detects anything you pour into it. Coffee, soda, shakes.  Anything.  And what’s amazing is that it computes the nutrition facts like calories, sugar, fat, and caffeine content for you.  You can connect the device to your phone or tablet and you can also manually enter the information if you need to.

Watch this video if you want to learn more about the Vessyl.

The Vessyl retails for $199.  Just search online and you’ll find out a way how to order, if you really need to.



  • Its exciting to read about the advancements that are being made especially within everyday appliances. I could see this being really useful especially for people looking to diet.

  • Eric Buenaventura

    It is nice to find new technology like this because evolution now a days is very uprising. It is better to be updated than fall behind.