Rekonect Notebook Uses Re-attachable Magnetic Pages

Many ideas come to life using funding from crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter. One of the coolest ideas to have been featured on the site is a magnetic notebook from Rekonect. Called the Rekonect Notebook, the project features a product that has magnetic pages that can be easily removed and re-attached easily for easier organization. Where current notebooks use binders, Rekonect Notebook uses a magnetic spine where the pages attach to.

Rekonect Notebook

Rekonect Notebook



Though modern in idea, the Rekonect Notebook is still traditional in design. It has a hard cover made of black faux leather with a high grade elastic to hold the notebook closed.  The notebook is made of 120 pages or 60 sheets of paper. Types of paper will include line, graph, dotted, or blank paper.  If you’re worried about the effect of the magnet on your gadgets, it’s safe according to the designers.

The Rekonect Notebook is still in the funding stage and could meet its target by the way things are going.

See the Rekonect Notebook in this Kickstarter video.

Source: Kickstarter