LEVIT8 is a Folding Portable Desk for Laptops

Are you a regular laptop user?  If you are, you may want to check out the LEVIT8, without a doubt pronounced “levitate”, an ultra-portable folding desk that’s so simple, you immediately wonder why you didn’t think of it first.   The product is an idea at this point but it has already passed its funding target on Kickstarter.

LEVIT8 portable folding desk

LEVIT8 portable folding desk

LEVIT8 is very easy to set-up.  All you need to do is open, cross and twist.  To make a small desk or table out of flat material, LEVIT8 uses the principles of origami.  Although the material is as thin as cardboard, the designers swear that it is sturdy and even illustrates this by stacking several Macbooks on top of it.  Storage is not a problem with LEVIT8 as the entire thing can be folded flat and can fit into a laptop sleeve.  In fact, the folding desk is said to be thinner and lighter than a MacBook Air.


One other notable feature of the LEVIT8 is the use of a water-repellent and stain-proof acrylic canvas on its surface. For the internal material, the designers, which are by the way from Singapore, are thinking of using polycarbonate material, which means that the final product could be really tough and durable.

The LEVIT8 desk is currently priced at $32 USD.