Razer’s Project Christine Modular PC Lets Users Swap Components Easily

Razer, a company that manufactures gaming peripherals and a name surely recognized by hardcore gamers, just unveiled a concept called Project Christine.  Razer is one of the aggressive companies with focus on gaming hardware, having previously introduced Project Fiona, a unique gaming tablet, and having produced the thinnest gaming laptop called Razer Edge.

Project Christine is a modular PC concept.  It means that every part or component can be customized and upgraded at whim, much like Motorola’s modular phone concept called Project Ara.  PC enthusiasts can easily swap components but it requires expertise and also requires opening your PC tower and dealing with wires and parts.  Razer’s Project Christine simplifies the process, and makes it as easy as assembling Lego blocks.   Project Christine uses PCI-Express architecture to connect components so the process is literally just “plug and play”.

Razer’s Project Christine modular PC concept lets users replace components easily.

The modules that will be replaceable will include the CPU, GPU, SSD, RAM, power supply, and some other components.  Each module will come with active liquid cooling and noise cancellation and the tower will have a built-in LCD touch screen.  The display provides information and control for each PC module.  It sounds simple and easy, and should benefit gamers who want the best PC rig money can buy.  But that is the important question now:  how much money will you have to shell out to get a Project Christine system.  Hopefully, Razer should provide an answer to that soon.


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