Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and 808 Chipsets Unveiled

The best smartphones and tablets run on Qualcomm’s chipsets.  That means that if the company wishes to retain its position as a leader in this specific industry, it needs to continue improving on its offerings.  The current crop of flagships run on Snapdragon 801, but in 2015, we will be seeing phones running on the newly announced Snapdragon 810 and Snapdragon 808 chipsets.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 features eight 64-bit cores and four Cortex-A57 cores.  Add to that four Cortex-A53 cores for lighter tasks and we are talking of a real performer. The Snapdragon 810 comes with an Adreno 430 GPU.  The Snapdragon 810 supports 4K displays and includes LPDDR4 RAM, CAT6 LTE-Advanced, voice control and 2 stream MIMO WiFi, among others.

The Snapdragon 808, on the other hand, offers two Cortex-A57 cores and four Cortex-A53 cores and has Adreno 418 GPU inside.

Thinking of buying a Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8? They could very well be outdated in 2015.  Then again, every phone we purchase becomes outdated in a year.