Microsoft Announces Windows 8.1 Update

Microsoft recently announced a Windows 8.1 update which brings “a collection of refinements designed to give people a more familiar and convenient experience across touch, keyboard and mouse inputs.”

Microsoft is aware of the shortcomings of its Windows 8 OS and even after the release of Windows 8.1 last year, the company still tries to polish the OS.  Only consumers can say if Microsoft has successfully improved the OS.  Before the current Windows 8.1 update, the OS has proven to be less popular than Windows 7 at its peak.  The awkward fusion of touch and desktop features seems to be the main issue and I for one am not completely sold on Windows 8 yet.  I find many features confusing.


The Windows 8.1 update brings improvements to the taskbar, among others.

The Windows 8.1 update mainly addresses issues on mouse and keyboard navigation.  The other main improvement pertains to the taskbar.  The Windows 8.1 update will allow consumers to pin all the apps, even the Windows Store apps, to the taskbar.  According to Microsoft, the recent update also brings improvements for business customers and accelerates opportunity for developers.

The latest version of Windows 8.1 OS will roll out as an automatic update this month.

Here is a video highlighting the features of the Windows 8.1 update.