Intel’s Edison is a Tiny Computer the Size of an SD Card

At CES 2014, Intel introduced Edison, a tiny computer the size of an SD card.  It’s amazing how the company has fit everything into a card-size contraption and even included Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the mix.

Edison uses Intel’s 22nm transistor technology and is classified as a “full Pentium-class PC” that is powered by a dual-core Quark SOC and runs Linux.  Edison has its own app store so the possibilities are endless with this tiny device.  With apps steadily growing in numbers, there will be developers willing to make stuff for Edison.  Intel has big plans for this technology and its applicability in wearable tech and in practical applications.

Intel Edison, a computer the size of an SD card. It runs Linux and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Intel has already showcased products with Edison chips implanted and shows how the use of the tiny computer can make life easier and more convenient.  Intel showed “Nursery 2.0” as an example.  It is a concept where a baby wears something with sensors and with the use of Edison, the necessary information like temperature was displayed on a coffee mug.


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