Toyota Wigo is a Cheap Hatchback, Price Starts at P488,000

Toyota is the leading car manufacturer in the Philippines and has the Vios, Corolla and Innova as its top selling brands.  It has recently introduced a mini hatchback called Wigo.  The Yaris is still on sale but the selling point of the Wigo is its pricing.  While the Yaris is priced like a full sedan, the Wigo is targeted at the masses, specifically those who are eying to purchase their first car.


Expect the Toyota Wigo to sell well in the Philippines.

When I saw the Toyota Wigo in the streets, I honestly thought it was something from Suzuki.  The Wigo reminds me of the Alto and the Celerio and if it didn’t carry the Toyota name, the Wigo wouldn’t have earned my respect.  What I mean to say here is that from the outside, the Toyota Wigo is bland, simple-looking and rather boring.  But performance should be a different story since the Wigo is after all from Toyota.  You should expect economy dependability.


The Toyota Wigo definitely has the hot-selling Mitsubishi Mirage as its toughest competition.  Of course there are other cars in this category so you have a lot to choose from.

If you’re interested in the Toyota Wigo, there are three variants to choose from.  There’s Wigo 1.0G (A/T) priced at Php534,000, Wigo 1.0G (M/T) priced at Php499,000 and Wigo 1.0E (M/T) priced at Php488,000.