Toyota Innova 2016 Looks Awesome

The Innova is arguably one of the bestsellers from Japanese car brand Toyota.  In the Philippines, the Innova has been synonymous to family car.  There are other competitors but the Innova has remained strong in the market.  However, over time, nothing much has changed with the design of the Toyota Innova.  We saw minor cosmetic changes but nothing drastic has been added or changed about the Innova’s all-too-familiar look.

However, the 2016 version of the Toyota Innova could bring with it a lot of changes, design-wise that is.  Photos of the Second generation Toyota Innova has been available online.  The photos, reportedly lifted from product brochures, show a different-looking Innova.  It has the same general shape but at the same time, it also looks like a different vehicle altogether.

Toyota Innova 2016?

Toyota Innova 2016?

The most distinct transformation with the Toyota Innova can be seen from its grille.  The vehicle is now sportier and definitely more attractive than the previous generation.  It reminds me of other Toyota products like the Vios or the Fortuner.   The rear part has also been changed and it looks much better now.  The tail lights are somehow similar to that of the RAV4.


It’s just a matter of time before we know if the photos are indeed of the next Innova.  There are no indications that the photos are from fake sources so the vehicle shown might actually be the real thing.