2015 Honda Jazz Features a Cleaner Design

The 2015 Honda Fit, or the 2015 Honda Jazz in other parts of the world not named U.S.A., was unveiled a couple of months ago during the Detroit Auto Show.  It will take time before this specific model arrives in the Philippines but until it does, there’s reason to get excited.

The images of the 2015 Honda Fit/Jazz clearly show a sleeker design, one that has finally shed some elements that made the current Jazz too flashy for its own good.  The 2015 version is less superfluous and is actually very attractive.  The sleek lines are inspiring and the use of a redesigned chin and taillights has only made the already fun Jazz more fun-looking.   The taillights remind me of a Volvo car, specifically the C30 hatchback, but that’s not a bad thing.





This part of the 2015 Honda Fit/Jazz reminds me of the Volvo C30.

The 2015 Fit/Jazz uses Honda’s new 1.5-liter DOHC VTEC engine.  It is shorter overall but its wheelbase is actually longer, supposedly resulting in better handling and better overall drive.  Furthermore, the 2015 Fit/Jazz actually offers a bigger interior space.   The car even comes with Bluetooth and a rearview camera.