Insta360 ONE, a 4K 360 Camera With Cool Tricks

Insta360 ONE

There was a time when GoPro was all the rage in action cameras.  After all, they practically created the genre with awesome products.  GoPros are however straightforward, hence, special action cameras had room to get noticed.  Insta360 is one of the companies that churned out special action cameras, specifically one with 360-degree capabilities, hence, the company name.

Insta360 has released a new 360 camera called the Insta360 ONE.  It is a feature-packed 360 action camera with tricks that can really attract buyers.  The Insta360 ONE is dubbed a “shoot first, point later” camera.  It’s main selling point as a 360 camera is its ability to retrieve stills and short 1080p clips from parts of the 360 compilation in hindsight.  Insta30 calls this “FreeCapture” technology.

The new Insta360 One offers 4K video resolution, and 24 MP stills, as well as the ability to work in a completely standalone mode, remotely with your phone as a Bluetooth controller, and plugged in directly to your iPhone using your smartphone’s display as the viewfinder.  The camera is capable of achieving 4K video at 3840×1920 resolution at 30 fps, or 2560×1280 at 60 fps. Photos, on the other hand, can be taken at 24 megapixels.  The Insta360 ONE has 6-axis image stabilization which results in smooth images and video.

Among the awesome tricks of the Insta360 ONE is the ability to take bullet time videos similar to the shots used on Matrix movies.  This is done through a string or a selfie stick being rotated over the head.  The string or the stick is then instantly edited out from the resulting video.

Here is an introductory video on the Insta360 ONE.

For achieving the bullet time effect, Insta360 released this video tutorial.

Sample shots were provided by Insta360.  Some of these are shown below.

Sample shot from Insta360 ONE

The Insta360 ONE is priced at US$ 299.99.


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