UberCHOPPER and GrabHeli Go Head to Head

The Ride sharing leaders Uber and GrabTaxi have intensified their rivalry in the Philippines with the addition of helicopter rides in their respective offerings.  Uber now has UberCHOPPER while GrabTaxi has GrabHeli.

UberCHOPPER is being offered this weekend in partnership with Airtray while GrabTaxi launched a marketing blast for a service dubbed GrabHeli.  Both use choppers or helicopters as rides, although no details have been revealed by both companies yet.


UberCHOPPER appears to be a promotional thing for now but no one would be surprised if this becomes a regular thing, especially in Metro Manila where chopper rides can be a solution to the worsening traffic problems.  Lucky Uber users will have the chance to book helicopter rides on November 21.  Those who are lucky enough to book UberCHOPPER rides will be able to get 10-minute trips on a chopper.


GrabHeli, on the other hand, has November 24 as the apparent launch date and could also offer rides although this is not confirmed yet.  What is confirmed is that GrabTaxi has used a teaser poster showing a helicopter with the words “awesome weekends up in the air”.


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