UberRUSH Delivery Service Launched, Not Available in the Philippines Yet

There’s an Uber service in the Philippines but it’s for transportation.  In case you didn’t know, the company has been working on a delivery service that plans to use its fleet of cars.   Uber’s plan just became official with the recent launch of UberRUSH.  Yes it’s a delivery service but expect Uber to do something about the service that will make us say wow the same way it revolutionized transportation.   UberRUSH is however only available in the US for now and in fact, it is only present in three cities – New York, Chicago and San Francisco.  It’s very limited in scope at the moment but who knows, maybe we’ll have something similar in the Philippines in no time.


In essence, UberRUSH is a delivery or courier service that allows customers to receive deliveries from local businesses.  It uses Uber’s fleet of cars and delivers a host of stuff including groceries, take-out food, and house supplies. The UberRUSH model taps e-commerce sites as a core feature.  In the US, Uber has collaborated with e-commerce sites like Shopify, Clover, ChowNow, and delivery.com.

The delivery service business is the new area of expansion for big businesses.  Amazon is planning on one and there are already existing platforms using the same idea in the US and in other countries.  In the Philippines, this has not been used yet but we should expect someone to do this kind of business model.  If no one is bold enough to do it here, Uber might just be the one to do it.