It’s final: Samsung to Pay Apple $928.8 Million in Damages

If you always follow tech news, you know that Samsung and Apple have been in a patent infringement battle since 2012.  A US court has since decided on the first case and the jury awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages.  However, part of the award was questioned by Samsung as it was alleged that some figures are wrong, leading to a determination of whether the award would be reduced.  So part of the initial verdict was vacated, then a re-trial was done.


Very recently, Judge Lucy Koh who handles the Samsung-Apple case has handed down a final determination of the amount of damage Apple will be getting, setting the total figure at $929.8 million.

There was another thing that was ruled on, and that was Apple’s request for a permanent injunction against Samsung.  That part was denied by the court, which means Samsung may continue to sell the infringing handsets.

There is a second patent trial after Samsung and Apple failed to reach settlement.  The second trial will involve newer models like the Samsung Galaxy S III.