Lenovo Buys Motorola from Google

Google owned Motorola after it purchased the company for $12.5 Billion a while back.  After incurring losses since the purchase, Google decided to part with the company for only $2.91 Billion.  That looks like a lot of loss but the sale involves only the business and the trademarks as Google retains the patent portfolio and some important projects like the modular phone concept Project Ara.  Google will also get $750 million worth of Lenovo shares in the process.

The Motorola logo was changed under Google. Could this be changed again by Lenovo?

Still, Lenovo’s purchased Motorola is considered cheap considering what Google plaid for to get the company.   With the purchase, Lenovo expands its reach and makes it even a bigger force in the mobile industry.  Hopefully projects like the Moto X and the Moto G are continued by Lenovo as these are great devices produced when Motorola was still under the control of Google.



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