Honestbee Online Grocery Delivery Service Now in the Philippines

honestbee-online-grocery-deliveryIn a previous post, I talked a bit about technological advances causing disruption in key industries.  Uber and Airbnb are key examples of technology-driven disruptors in industries that traditionally are controlled by major players which are big conventional businesses.  Ideas have since cropped up on how to leverage on the mass adoption of mobile phones and the easy accessibility of the internet. One of these ideas is online grocery shopping, and now, in the Philippines, you can experience this through Honestbee.

What is Honestbee?

Honestbee, as a company is an online concierge and delivery service.  In essence, it is an online service does your grocery shopping for you.  It does food delivery as well but its key selling point is really online grocery shopping, which makes sense since it is this specific niche that has not been widely tapped in the Philippines. Online food delivery service has been widely available but online grocery shopping, not really.

Up until recently, online shopping has been concentrated on goods that are non-perishable like clothing, gadgets and books.  The nature of the goods plays a role in the feasibility of doing online delivery service.  Groceries are mostly perishable, hence, the logistics of doing online delivery for groceries could pose problems to anyone who would attempt this service.  Honestbee, it appears, has been able to do it.


Honestbee is based in Singapore and was launched in 2015.  The website says that it has been launched in other countries like Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.  It has offices in these countries and in the Philippines, they hold office in the BGC area.

How does Honestbee Work?

Honestbee can be used online or through an iOS or Android application.  The best way to know how Honestbee works is to try it yourself but the basics are simple.  You order from the grocery store or stores of your choice, a shopper from Honestbee does the shopping for you, and someone else delivers the groceries to your address.  Delivery time promised is one hour from the time you order but you can schedule the delivery time if you want.  You only pay once the items are delivered. Orders under PhP 1,500 are subject to PhP 99 shopper fee but for orders above this amount, shopper fee is free.

Customers can place orders in different stores in one order.  Delivery hours are from 10:00AM-8:00PM daily, subject to store operating hours.  Honestbee is available even on weekends and public holidays.

The selling feature of the service is the trained shoppers which, according to Honestbee, are experts at picking the freshest produce.  They always look out for expiration dates and they also suggest the most suitable substitutes and package your items properly.

Honestbee Grocery Stores in the Philippines

In the Philippines, only limited grocery stores are available for now but one would expect that the list will grow as clients grow.   For now, partner establishments are limited to Robinson’s Supermarket, Fresh Options Meatshop, Solo Meat Group, G-stuff, The Straits Wine Company, Harvestime, Figure of Beans, AWC, Incredible India, and Chicco.

For food deliveries, Honestbee can accommodate orders from Goodah, Yoshinoya, and S&R Pizza.

For covered areas, Honestbee currently delivers in Taguig, Makati, Pasig, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Pasay, San Juan, Manila, Las Pinas and Paranaque.

If you’ve tried Honestbee for grocery delivery, please share your experience in the comments section.


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