Cyanogen Inc., the Company Behind CyanogenMod, Gets a New Logo

CyanogenMod is big in the Android community.  It’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, custom ROM to have graced Android handsets since the platform became popular.  The constant updates, not to mention the beautiful UI and extremely useful features that CyanogenMod brings to a rooted Android device made the ROM one of the most-loved.


With the rise of CyanogenMod came the creation of Cyanogen, Inc.  Last year, the company successfully raised $7 million so CyanogenMod is now headed to more ambitious directions.  The company recently introduced a shiny new logo and from all angles, it’s good looking.  Here’s the logo that uses that familiar bright blue hue.


Expect the new Cynogen Inc. logo to be present wherever CyanogenMod goes.

Cyanogen, Inc. explains the meaning of the new logo, making sure that we don’t miss the hexagon in the center, the C on the left and the arrow on the right.  If you want to know the meaning of each, head over to the CyanogenMod blog which you can easily find by hitting the source link below.

What do you think of the Cyanogen, Inc. logo?

Source: CyanogenMod Blog