Apple and Google’s Motorola Settle Patent Dispute

If you’re one who follows tech news closely, you surely know that Apple and Google are involved in one of the most high profile, if not the most high profile, patent litigations in history.  The patent infringement cases involve smartphone technology which is really not surprising considering how Apple jumpstarted the smartphone trend and how Google quickly went past Apple with its Android platform.


The parties recently settled its pending lawsuits which are particularly between Apple and Google’s Motorola Mobility.  Motorola of course has been sold to Lenovo recently but currently, it is still owned by Google.  In a joint statement, Apple and Google announced the settlement but they claim that the settlement does not include a cross license to their patents.  The parties however agreed to work together in some areas of patent reform.

Following the settlement, the companies moved for the dismissal of the cases pending before the federal appeals court in Washington.  The deal does not affect Apple’s cases against Samsung Electronics.