Windows Phone’s Cortana Voice Command Assistant Leaked on Video

Apple made the voice-guided assistant Siri popular.  Although its usefulness varies on the needs of users, it is still regarded as one the more advanced software features on iPhones and iPads.  Google for its part has Google Now and in practical use and in terms of technology, it appears to be more advanced and more feature-packed.


If rumors are to be believed, Microsoft wants to join the party.  Articles online claim that Microsoft is working on a voice-guided personal assistant software codenamed “Cortana”.  This still remains to be confirmed by Microsoft but recently, a short video appears to have actually shown Cortana in action.  Watch this video.

If this is the real deal, Cortana may be a good product and may have a good chance at matching Siri in terms of features and usefulness.  The video shows Cortana assisting the user plan a route and actually sets up a reminder.  This is only a glimpse as to what Cortana can do but I’m sure there are still a lot in store for Windows Phone users.  Hopefully Cortana becomes an actual product.


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