Vine App Adds Messaging Feature

So messaging seems to be the hot thing nowadays.  WhatsApp was snapped up by Facebook for $19 Billion and if that’s not enough to convince you the importance of messaging in today’s smartphone-peppered world, I don’t know what will.  Viber was also purchased for a considerable amount by Rakuten, while Line and WeChat are also getting more users by the day.


It’s not surprising, therefore, that almost every other app out there is including messaging as a core functionality.  The latest to have added messaging is Vine.  If you don’t know Vine, it’s a video-sharing service that became popular and the one that prompted Instagram to add a video-sharing feature to its app.  Vine is owned by Twitter so the slew of updates to the app is not unexpected.  After all, Twitter is one of the most updated apps.

Vine’s messaging feature lets users get in touch with other users through videos or text messages.  Reports say it’s still beta-ish at this point but it could only improve over time.  What’s good about Vine’s messaging feature is it allows you to send videos to anyone in your smartphone’s contacts even if they have not installed the Vine app.

The Vine app for Android and iOS will get the update but Windows Phone users may have to wait a bit.



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