Uber Transport App Now in the Philippines

Uber is now in the Philippines.  Uber is a car service company that uses a mobile app which commuters can use to request for a car if they want to get picked up and brought to a specific destination.  Uber launched in 2010 and was first available in San Francisco in the US.  Now, it has presence in other cities in the US and is even in some countries in Europe.

Uber Taxi Philippines
Uber car service app arrives in the Philippines

Commuters in the Philippines can now avail of the service, which is done though an app that is available on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.   Don’t mistake Uber for a taxi company, although in essence, it does the same service of transporting clients between places. Uber differentiates itself from taxi companies in that it acts only as a facilitator between commuters and transport companies.  In the Philippines, Uber’s partner vehicles are Mercedes, Toyota Camry, Toyota Altis, Hyundai Sonata, Honda Accord, and Honda Civic.

Commuters only need to register on Uber to start using the service.  Note, however, that Uber charges through credit cards. Needless to say, Uber will not be cheap.  But there are commuters who will pay a high price for a premium transport service.


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