UBER Suspension Lifted, Serving Riders Again


Ride-hailing services have been an important part of the riding public in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila where public transportation is a struggle.  Uber and Grab have somehow eased the burden on commuters, although there could be a valid argument that Uber and Grab are part of the traffic problem as well.  But until the government does something effective to ease the metro traffic, we have to be happy that Uber and Grab are there to serve use.

Uber has been suspended by the LTFRB recently and the public accepted that it will be gone for at least a month.  Thankfully, the suspension has been lifted as of 5pm yesterday, August 29, 2017.  That’s about the time I got notification from Uber via email, informing me that its services are once again available to the public.  The email notice goes like this:

Hey, our journey continues.

It was a challenging time, but we’re glad to be back serving riders and drivers starting today. We’ve already received an order from the regulator allowing us to resume our operations. We request for your patience as we become fully operational in the coming days.

As we look forward to connecting you with drivers again for safe, convenient, and reliable rides, we also want to take this time to look back on our journey together. Here are some milestones we want to share with you.

According to a report from CNN Philippines, the suspension was lifted after Uber paid the hefty P190 Million fine and showed proof of paying P299,244,000 in financial aid to its drivers.

Uber also paid a P5 million fine to the LTFRB the previous month for previous violations.  The question perhaps is, where will the P190 Million fine go?  The LTFRB says that the P190 million will be remitted to the national treasury.

Filipinos have come to depend on Uber and Grab and the absence of Uber made life harder for me personally.  It was hard to book Grab rides as expected since it was the only option left to the public.  Good thing Uber is available now.


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