Samsung Launches Milk Music Internet Radio

Samsung recently launched its own online music service called Milk Music. It’s an internet radio that’s separate from its existing Music Hub service.   What makes it actually better than Music Hub is that it is ad-free and it does not require users to set up an account.  Samsung’s Milk Music reportedly has over 200 different musical genre stations and there is a total of 13 million songs available to users.


There is one catch though.  It only works with Samsung devices.  If you’re a Samsung user, however, there shouldn’t be any problem.  For now Milk Music is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 2, the Galaxy GS4 Active and Galaxy S4 Mini.  It should also be compatible with new Samsung Galaxy S5.

If you want to try the service out, it’s available from the Google Play store. It boasts ad-free music (take THAT Pandora), but there’s a catch: it will only work on Samsung devices.

Lear more about Samsung’s Milk Music internet radio service by watching this video.

Milk Music is now available on the Google Play Store.