“Paper” App Released by Facebook

After trying the Facebook Home on Android, the company has a new standalone app that takes Facebook browsing to new heights.  The app is called “Paper” and it is essentially a Facebook app but is mostly for reading your newsfeed, although you can also share stuff and what have you.  Paper takes cues from Flipboard, which means that your newsfeed will look like card stacks.  The usual buttons seen on the regular Facebook app have reportedly been removed, giving Paper a rather clean and fluid UI.

Facebook releases a standalone app called “Paper”

Early impressions say that Paper is a much better app than the Facebook app, so it remains to be seen whether Paper will take the place of the regular Facebook app.  In my opinion, it will exist alongside the regular app.

Paper for Facebook will officially be available starting February 3 in the US and will start on the iPhone.  Future availability, including the Philippines, are yet to be revealed.   Watch how Paper app works in this video.




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