Microsoft’ Cortana Voice Assistant for Windows Phone Competes with Siri and Google Now

Apple made voice-guided personal assistants popular with the introduction of Siri.   It helped propel the iPhone even further.  Google has been developing a similar service even before Siri came into the picture but perfected it only with the introduction of Google Now.

Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind so it recently introduced its version of a voice-guided personal assistant called Cortana.  It has been heavily leaked in the past but it’s only now that Microsoft made Cortana official.  The app is in Beta form but it’s already fully functional and will come free for every Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade.


Cortana looks like this on your Windows Phone

Cortana is powered by Bing search and will offer several helpful features like doing search, making calls, sending text messages, taking notes, giving reminders and setting alarms.  Microsoft says that Cortana will soon be useful in conjunction with third-party apps.  Cortana is smart like Siri and Google Now as it gets better and smarter as over time.  Cortana will soon replace the search function in Windows Phones.