Instagram to Support Multiple-Account Log-in


Instagram is currently one of the most used apps.  Just like other social media platforms, people create multiple accounts on Instagram.  However, the photo-sharing app doesn’t have support for multiple-user log-in at this point.  If you want to switch accounts, you need to log out of the active account and key in your other account.  This is a pain to do especially if you switch between accounts several times in a day.

Thankfully, Instagram is working on multiple-account support.  Currently on beta, and so far only on Android, the new feature will enable the quick switching between accounts, the way you can switch accounts on Gmail for instance.  The way the feature is implemented is simple and hassle-free.  Android site Droid-Life has posted a hands-on of this new feature, which you can see below.

What do you think about this new Instagram feature guys? Do you like it?