Infinity Blade II and Traktor DJ Free for a Limited Time from App Store


The Apple App Store just turned five and no other app store has this distinction just yet.  After all, it was Apple who started the app craze when it launched the original iPhone.  In celebration of the five-year milestone, a few popular premium apps are free from the App Store for a limited time.  Some of these apps are quite expensive, like the Traktor DJ app which usually costs around $20 on regular days.

The other apps that are free for download, at least temporarily, are Infinity Blade II, Badland, Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery, Tiny Wings, Where’s My Water, Day One, Over, How to Cook Everything and Barefoot World Atlas.  Some apps, on the other hand, are on discount.  It appears that more apps will be added to the original list of free apps so iOS users have a reason to be happy.  Free stuff always do that.

Apple has not made any official press release with respect to the free apps, like how long they will be free or which apps will become free.  But since the official anniversary falls on July 10, it is expected that Apple will come up with an explanation to this promo.  So it’s really possible that more free stuff are lined up for iOS users.

Some apps are free on the iPhone only, some are also free on the iPad.  Huge files like Infinity Blade II which goes bigger than 50MB can only be downloaded on Wi-Fi connection, so you may need to visit your favorite coffee shop for that free internet fix.

Here are the download links of the free apps.


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