iFlix is the Nexflix of the Philippines, Offers Internet TV for a Fee

Netflix is arguably one of the tech innovators in the US, rocking the TV scene in that country by offering a video-on-demand or internet streaming service that simply works.  This kind of service is also known as internet TV.  Netflix was the one who made internet TV service popular, and the way it achieved success surely created a lot of copycats.

In Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, a video-on-demand or internet TV service called iflix is starting to make some noise.  This is how iflix describes its service:

iflix is an internet TV service with more content that you can poke a stick at. We know this, for you cannot poke a stick at tens of thousands of hours of content. We stream top quality TV shows and movies over the Internet for a teeny tiny periodic access fee. You can watch those shows on any of 5 devices per membership. You even get to choose the devices and we are working hard so that you can download shows to your preferred device to watch later. We are a gemini.

iflix is quick to claim that it is not a Netflix copycat despite the almost similar names and despite the fact that they offer almost similar services.  According to iFlix, it is different from Netflix in that it offers a “download to play” service that is not being offered by Netflix.  Download to play means that an iFlix user can download content and then play it at a later time.  It is ideal for those who do not have high speed internet at home since the content can first be downloaded somewhere before being viewed at home.  iFlix claims that it has licensing rights to download and play for 95 percent of its catalogue.


iflix also has focus on mobile.  This, admittedly, is not where Netflix’s strength is.  iflix believes that with this model, it will help curb piracy as it offers users a cheap way to view content.

iflix offers to subscribers unlimited access to TV shows and movies from all over the world.  iflix envisions that content will be viewed on phones, tablets, TVs and laptops.  A media player comes with the subscription, letting users download content to their TV sets.

iflix started its service in Malaysia and the Philippines and plans to be available in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam soon.  In the Philippines, iflix has partnered up with PLDT and Smart Communications.  iflix’s apparent competitor in the Philippines right now is Hooq, a video-on-demand service that is being offered by Globe Telecom.

If you want to tri iflix, signing-up is free for now.  There is a one-month free trial that will let you try the service in the Philippines.  Hit the source link for more details on iflix and how you can get it in the Philippines.  App download links for iflix are also available below.

iflix FAQs | Smart’s iflix Page

iflix on Android Play | iflix on iTunes 


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