GrabBike Uses Motorcycles for Ride-Sharing

The people behind GrabTaxi and GrabCar just added a new mode of transport in its ride-sharing service.  While GrabCar uses private vehicles to transport paying customers and GrabTaxi uses cabs, GrabBike uses two-wheeled motorcycles.

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transport in the Philippines since it is cheap to own and it can navigate through traffic better than a four-wheeled vehicle.  It is therefore a good move on the part of GrabTaxi to add motorcycles since it will be easy to get partner operators, especially if the income prospects are huge.

Will you book a GrabBike trip?

Will you book a GrabBike trip?

For people who hate being stuck in traffic, GrabBike is a good alternative but danger comes with this mode of transport.  It will therefore take a bit of courage to book GrabBike trips especially for customers in Metro Manila where drivers lack discipline.  The other issue for GrabBike will be insurance coverage for accidents considering that motorcycles are prone to them.

GrabBike is currently on beta testing and is limited to Makati and BGC in Taguig.  Other areas is expected to be added in the future, especially if it is successful in its initial run.   For rates, GrabBike charges Php 40 as base fare which only covers the first 2 kilometers.  Every additional kilometer up to 7kilometers will cost Php 10 per kilometer.   In excess of 7 kilometers, the rate is Php 5 per kilometer.