Google Opinion Rewards: Answer Surveys and Earn Credits

Google already knows too much but it still wants to know more from us users.  The recent marketing move Google came up with is actually something we can truly benefit from, and it doesn’t require too much from us.

The new service is called Google Opinion Rewards and as the name implies, it rewards you if you are willing to give your opinion on some stuff.  The survey questions are not that hard to answer and there are no right or wrong answers.  What Google Opinion Rewards want from you is just your opinion, and you get free Google Play credits for your opinion.


How can you start earning Google Credits, you ask? Just download the Google Opinion Rewards app onto your Android phone, register, and then you can immediately start answering questions.  You can use your Google Play credits on a lot of stuff like apps, games, music and books.

Watch this video to learn more about Google Opinion Rewards.