Flicker 3.0 Redesigned for Android and iOS

Flicker for mobile has undergone a major redesign.  Although the overall UI has brought the looks of Flicker closer to Instagram, it is still more powerful than the latter as a mobile photography tool.  Flicker 3.0 for iOS and Android has changed the way it presents photos and has included useful social features. Users have now options to favorite, comment or share photos.


Flicker 3.0 has its own custom camera with powerful editing options.  It can take HD videos which you can share with your friends on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.  The new Flicker also has auto-sync feature for new photos.  This automatically backs up photos with the user’s account.  For storage, Flicker now offers a total of 1TB for each user, which is really a lot.

Don’t make the mistake of comparing Flicker to Instagram.  Flicker hosts full sized photos and has powerful editing features while Instagram is focused on the social aspect more than photography.

Download Flicker 3.0 iOS |Android